Red Lake of the Heart






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Still Explosion
Meet detective Laura Molloy, a female journalist who works for the Twin Cities Times. Only moments after Malloy has arrived at an abortion clinic to interview the director, a bomb goes off in the clinic, killing a young man who had been escorting his girlfriend to get an abortion. The young man himself is suspected of being the bomber, but Laura, doubting that story, investigates other suspects as well: the hard-line leader of an antiabortion organization, his wife, his lesbian ex-wife, and both the girlfriend and the brother of the dead man. In the course of her protagonist's investigation, Logue finds opportunities to sketch in a brief history of abortion and of the controversy surrounding that procedure. The plot, which includes the depositing of a dead fetus on the doorstep of the bombing victim's girlfriend, builds to what Marie Kuda, writing in Booklist, called "an explosive ending."

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Full House edited by Pete Hautman
Characters find themselves in high-stakes situations: playing with the Devil, competing in a scholarship game, fighting to defeat a deadbeat stepdad, and staying one step ahead of an Internet poker company. The authors depict a variety of endings from the thrill of winning newfound respect to the consequences of losing a girlfriend. At the same time, each story interweaves the elements of both strategy and luck as the players compete in what is ultimately a game of chance. The stories vary from the eerily realistic to amusingly far-fetched. In all cases, teen poker players will recognize themselves and their opponents in this diverse collection. The popularity of the game among teens will make this collection a surefire hit with its many fans. –School Library Journal

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Twin Cities Noir
Minneapolis and St. Paul are the focus of Akashic's ninth anthology in its popular series (Brooklyn Noir, etc.) to marry crime and place.





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Silence of the Loons
Winner of The Midwest Independent Publishers Association (MIPA) Award






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